Doctor Who Nick My Family?

What happened to Nick in my family?

TELLY actor Kris Marshall has quit My Family, the BBC comedy show that helped make him a star. He called it a day so he didn’t get stereotyped playing dopey Nick Harper and the character has now been written out.

Does Nick come back to my family?

The character of Janey left in 2002, then returned in 2004 and remained until the end. Kris Marshall’s character, Nick, left in 2005 and returned for occasional brief guest appearances, though he was frequently mentioned by other characters.

Why did Nick leave my family?

He left the series after season four and it was reported he wanted to play a character who was his own age. His character was mentioned throughout the seasons that followed, with Nick sending postcards to his family and his brother Michael recording a Christmas message for him.

What episode does Nick leave family?

” My Family ” My Will Be Done (TV Episode 2004) – IMDb.

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What is Robert Lindsay doing now?

Robert Lindsay – Ben Harper More recently, he’s appeared in other TV shows such as McDonald & Dodds, Extras (alongside Ricky Gervais) and The Trial of Tony Blair. Robert also appeared in the 2019 films Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. He has three children and is married to fellow actress Rosemarie Ford.

How long did my family run for?

Whether you loved it or not, My Family was a hugely popular sitcom which lasted for 11 series from 2000.

How old is Nick from my family?

Nick Harper

Nicholas Harper
Date of birth 15 June 1980 ( age 40)
Parents Ben Harper Susan Harper
Siblings Janey Harper Michael Harper
Grandmother Grace Riggs

How did my family end?

At its peak My Family was the UK’s most-watched sitcom but was axed by the BBC after 11 years to make room for new comedy. Now its star Zoe Wanamaker has revealed executives told her the show was actually being dumped because it was ‘too middle-class’.

Was Kris Marshall in my family?

Kristopher Marshall (born 11 April 1973) is an English actor, starring in films, television and on stage for more than 20 years. He has played Nick Harper in My Family, Colin Frissell in the 2003 film Love Actually, Gratiano in The Merchant of Venice, and Dave in the first series of Citizen Khan (2012).

Why did Kris Marshall leave Death in Paradise?

KRIS Marshall has opened up about leaving hit BBC One show Death In Paradise after The Sun confirmed his departure. During an interview on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Chris confirmed The Sun’s story and said he had to quit because he felt “bereft” when he wasn’t with his family.

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What episode does Janey get pregnant?

“My Family” Ding Dong Merrily (TV Episode 2002) – IMDb.

What episode does Janey get pregnant my family?

Christmas Special: Ding Dong Merrily Janey returns to the Harper household for Christmas, but with some shocking news she’s pregnant! Also Nick begins his new Christmas Tree business, but because the trees he’s bought are all for next year Ben is overjoyed to find his living room turned into a forest.

How many My family episodes are there?

120 episodes (11 series), 2000 – 2011.

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