FAQ: Albert Schweitzer On How Family Reacted To Becoming Doctor?

Why did Albert Schweitzer decide to become a doctor?

A German-born philosopher and theologian, Schweitzer decided in 1904, at age 29, to study medicine and move to Africa as a doctor. His goal was to alleviate suffering. He wanted to atone for the sins white Europeans had committed against black Africans.

Who is Albert Schweitzer and what did he do?

Albert Schweitzer

The Reverend Albert Schweitzer OM
Known for Musicology philanthropy theology
Spouse(s) Helene Bresslau, daughter of Harry Bresslau
Awards Goethe Prize (1928) Nobel Peace Prize (1952)
Scientific career


How did Schweitzer become a qualified doctor?

Schweitzer entered into his intensive theological studies in 1893 at the University of Strasbourg where he obtained a doctorate in philosophy in 1899, with a dissertation on the religious philosophy of Kant, and received his licentiate in theology in 1900.

What is the most interesting about Albert Schweitzer?

Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) was an Alsatian-German religious philosopher, musicologist, and medical missionary in Africa. He was known especially for founding the Schweitzer Hospital, which provided unprecedented medical care for the natives of Lambaréné in Gabon.

What did Albert Schweitzer do with his prize money?

The Nobel Peace Prize for 1952, having been withheld in that year, was given to him on December 10, 1953. With the $33,000 prize money, he started the leprosarium at Lambaréné. Albert Schweitzer died on September 4, 1965, and was buried at Lambaréné.

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Who inspired Albert Schweitzer when he was a teenager?

In 1885, 10 year old Albert was sent to live with his granduncle at Mulhouse to be educated at its excellent gymnasium. Simultaneously, he studied organ at the Protestant with organist, Eugène Munch, whose enthusiasm for the music of Richard Wagner greatly influenced young Albert.

Was Albert Schweitzer a vegan?

Albert Schweitzer was a famous German, long time vegetarian, and an advocate for animal rights. He wrote “Reverence for Life.”

Is Albert Schweitzer controversial?

Today marks the 141st birthday of Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965). In 2016, he may be a somewhat forgotten, or even a controversial, figure but a half a century or more ago, the mere mention of the name Schweitzer instantly conjured up images of selflessness, heroism and the very model of a modern, humane physician.

What is the meaning of reverence for life?

Reverence for life means that all life is valuable and important, and that no life (human, animal or plant) should be sacrificed without compassionate consideration of the life lost compared to the greater good the sacrifice may yield.

What does Schweitzer mean?

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): ethnic name for a native or inhabitant of Switzerland, from Middle High German swizer, German Schweizer.

What did Schweitzer discover?

Mary Higby Schweitzer is an American paleontologist at North Carolina State University, who led the groups that discovered the remains of blood cells in dinosaur fossils and later discovered soft tissue remains in the Tyrannosaurus rex specimen MOR 1125, as well as evidence that the specimen was a pregnant female when

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