FAQ: Doctor Who Old Cardiff Family?

How did the doctor know Gwen Cooper?

How are Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) and Gwyneth (The Unquiet Dead) linked? Gwen’s family dated back to the 1800s with the implication being that she and Gwyneth are related. The Doctor asked if she came from an old Cardiff family; she confirmed that she did. This is the correct answer.

Who is Gwen Cooper Dr Who?

The lead female character, Gwen featured in every episode of the show’s 2006–11 run, as well as two 2008 crossover episodes of Doctor Who.

Gwen Cooper
Portrayed by Eve Myles
In-universe information
Alias PC Cooper
Affiliation South Wales Police Torchwood Institute

Did Gwen and Jack sleep together?

One more memorable moment She had an affair with Owen for a time before her marriage to Rhys and mourned him, Tosh and Ianto after their deaths. Gwen left to start a new life with Rhys and Anwen after her possession by Ng, having totally lost control and killed her mother and slept with Jack.

Does Gwen ever meet the doctor?

When Gwyneth gave the Ninth Doctor a cup of tea, she said, “Two sugars, sir. Just as you like it”, although she had never met him before.

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What did the doctor whisper to Rose?

In the Doctor Who Confidential episode End of an Era, executive producer Julie Gardner confirmed that the intention was that the new Doctor did indeed say “I love you” when he whispered in Rose’s ear. In the shooting script for the episode, he is simply named as “THE DOCTOR #2”.

Does Gwen die in Torchwood?

When Den of Geek’s Simon Brew pointed out to the actress that he always felt that it seemed to be harder living than dying for Gwen, Eve Myles said: Yes, absolutely. She lives, especially from when Ianto died, in complete guilt.

Is Bad Wolf Bay real?

The Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone Officially known as Dunraven Bay, it was designated as a piece of Heritage Coast in 1972. Thirty-four years later, the Doctor Who team arrived to turn it into the location for some of the most moving scenes of the series: Bad Wolf Bay in Norway.

Why did Bradley Walsh leave Dr Who?

“I’ve been very lucky to have done some really great stuff in my time.” But the sad news for his legions of fans all over the globe is that Walsh is now leaving the Tardis. Because of his exceptionally busy schedule, he is having to bow out of his role as Doctor Who’s companion Graham after this year’s festive special.

How does ianto die?

The pair refuse to sacrifice any lives to the alien demands. In response, the aliens release a fatal virus into the atmosphere. Thames House locks down, and Ianto dies in Jack’s arms, telling him that he loved him and begging Jack never to forget about him, to which Jack replies he never could.

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Does Tosh like Owen?

In episode “Reset”, Owen agrees to go on a date with her, but dies at the end of the episode after being shot in the heart. When Owen is briefly revived by team leader Jack Harkness using a resurrection glove, Tosh says her goodbye to him by confessing that she has always loved him.

Does Gwen have a baby in Torchwood?

Anwen Williams was the daughter of Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams.

Does Gwen and Owen win?

While Owen is distracted by the brownies, Gwen manages to pass him and win the competition, shocking all of Owen’s supporters. Trent, Leshawna, Eva, and Cody cheer at Gwen’s victory.

Has there been a Welsh Doctor Who?

However, everyone seems to be overlooking a very significant, important factor: in all his regenerations, the Doctor has been many things… but he has never been Welsh. Doctor Who has a lot of ties to Wales, of course. It films there, for one thing.

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