FAQ: Family Guy Doctor Who Episode?

Who voiced Doctor Who in Family Guy?

“Inside Family Guy ” features the tenth Doctor, portrayed and voiced by David Tennant, trying to cover up passing gas in the TARDIS, with a television episode titled Doctor Who Farted.

What episode is inside Family Guy?

Inside Family Guy is the 300th episode special of Family Guy and season finale of Season 13. This episode takes us behind the scenes of the set of Family Guy.

What is the 420th episode of Family Guy?

420 (Family Guy)

” Episode 420 “
Family Guy episode
Episode no. Season 7 Episode 12
Directed by Julius Wu
Written by Patrick Meighan


What episode does Stewie call Lois?

Stewie Loves Lois

” Stewie Loves Lois “
Episode no. Season 5 Episode 1
Directed by Mike Kim
Written by Mark Hentemann
Production code 4ACX32


Is Family Guy appropriate for a 10 year old?

Parents need to know that Family Guy is very funny; the quirky scenarios can induce giggles or even guffaws in grown-ups. But Seth MacFarlane’s show isn’t meant to be watched by kids or young teens.

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Does Taylor Swift voice herself in Family Guy?

Chris gets a date to a school dance with Swift in “Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date”, but becomes the subject of an unflattering song. Here, Swift is voiced by Ursula Taherian.

Is Inside Family Guy canon?

When is a Family Guy Joke Canon? In essence, there is a linear backstory to the character that develops on each character both through revelations made during various episodes and through certain events within episodes that the writers decide will become part of the character’s, and hence the series’, canon.

Whats the meaning of 420?

420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is cannabis culture slang for marijuana and hashish consumption, especially smoking around the time 4:20 p.m., and also refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place annually on April 20 (which is 4/20 in U.S. form).

What episode does Peter do drugs?

“Pilling Them Softly” is the first episode of the fourteenth season of the animated sitcom Family Guy, and the 250th episode overall.

What quagmires cats name?

Principessa is Quagmire ‘s purebred Persian cat.

What is Stewie’s IQ?

Stewie currently lives with his parents, Peter and Lois Griffin. Stewie’s father, Peter Griffin shows observable symptoms of mild mental retardation. This is evident when he took an IQ test in one of the episodes and scored a 70.

Why is Stewie not evil anymore?

When asked why he made the decision “to take Stewie from homicidal maniac to gay little song boy,” MacFarlane answered that, “It wasn’t a conscious decision. Characters evolve in certain ways and we found that doing the take-over-the-world thing every week was getting played out and was starting to feel a little dated.

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How old is Glenn Quagmire?

Quagmire is 5’8″ tall and 61 years old, according to his driver’s license in “FOX-y Lady”. He explains that he makes himself look younger by consuming carrots. Glenn currently resides at 29 Spooner Street, Quahog, Rhode Island.

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