FAQ: Who Is Karunanidhi’s Family Doctor Gopalan?

How many wives does Karunanidhi have?

He married three times; his wives are the late Padmavathy, Dayalu and Rajathi. He has four sons, namely M. K.

Who is Karunanidhi father?

Karunanidhi was born on 3 June 1924, in the village of Thirukkuvalai in Nagapattinam district, Madras Presidency, to Ayyadurai (Grand father) Muthuvel and Anjugam. He had two elder sisters, Periyanayaki and Shanmugasundari.

Why is Stalin called MK?

Stalin was born in Madras, now Chennai, on 1 March 1953. Karunanidhi was addressing a condolence meeting for Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, who died only four days after his child was born, and thus decided to name his son after Stalin.

Who was Jayalalitha married to?

The couple Jayaram-Vedvalli had two children: a son Jayakumar and a daughter, Jayalalitha.

Why was DMK government dismissed in 1991?

On 30 January 1991, the DMK government which had come to power after winning the 1989 assembly election, was dismissed by the Indian Prime minister Chandra Shekhar using Article 356 of the Indian Constitution. The reason cited for the dismissal was the deterioration of law and order in the state.

What is the relationship between Karunanidhi and Murasoli Maran?

Murasoli Maran was born on 17 August 1934 was son of Shanmugasundaram and Shanmugasundari, the elder sister of M. Karunanidhi. He was born at Thirukkuvalai Village Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu.

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Who is Kalanithi Maran to kalaignar?

Kalanithi Maran is the son of the former Union Minister of India Murasoli Maran and grand nephew of former Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi. His younger brother Dayanidhi Maran was also a former minister.

How many times DMK ruled Tamilnadu?

Following the 2019 general election, DMK emerged as the third-largest party in the Lok Sabha with 24 seats. The party won majorities in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly five times and currently the ruling party in Tamil Nadu.

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