FAQ: Why Does The Doctor Ask Marlow If His Family Has A History Of Mental Illness Heart Of Darkness?

What did the doctor ask Marlow about his family?

The Doctor He measures Marlow’s head, saying ‘I always ask leave, in the interests of science, to measure the crania of those going out there’ but comments that really, ‘the changes take place inside, you know. ‘ He then asks Marlow, ‘Ever any madness in your family?’

What is the doctors advice to Marlow?

More important, the doctor tells Marlow, “the changes take place inside.” The doctor is interested in learning anything that may give Belgians an advantage in colonial situations.

What does Marlow represent in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow is a complicated man who anticipates the figures of high modernism while also reflecting his Victorian predecessors. Marlow is in many ways a traditional hero: tough, honest, an independent thinker, a capable man.

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Does Marlow get sick in heart of darkness?

Marlow succumbs to illness and nearly dies himself. He suffers greatly, but the worst thing about his near-death experience is his realization that in the end he would have “nothing to say.” Kurtz, he realizes, was remarkable because he “had something to say.

Who is the main character of Heart of Darkness?

Kurtz is a central fictional character in Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novella Heart of Darkness. A trader of ivory in Africa and commander of a trading post, he monopolises his position as a demigod among native Africans. Kurtz meets with the novella’s protagonist, Charles Marlow, who returns him to the coast via steamboat.

Who receives Kurtz report after his death?

english HOD

Question Answer
who receives kurtz report after his death a journalist
where does most of marlows story take place the congo
what does marlow give to the russian trader food
what news comes to the central station about the el dorado exploring expedition the expeditions pack animals are dead


How does Marlow change in heart of darkness?

During the course of the book, Marlow transforms from an enthusiastic, curious adventurer to a pessimistic, broken westerner. And that, my good people, is what happens when one looks too deep into men’s Heart Of Darkness.

How does Marlow feel before departing?

Before Marlow leaves for the Congo he feels that he is ready to go and is really happy, but at the same time Marlow is scared. He feels that something is off about the company he is working for. Marlow builds a series of images to describe the Company Office.

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Where is Brussels in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow begins his storytelling journey by describing his time in the “sepulchral city”. He explains that there is a river in Africa that lures him in like a coiled snake, and after his time at sea, he speaks with his aunt in order to obtain a position as a head of a steamboat.

What are the major themes in Heart of Darkness?

Themes in Heart of Darkness

  • Theme #1. Imperialism. One of the major themes of Heart of Darkness is imperialism.
  • Theme #2. White Man’s Burden.
  • Theme #3. Lack of Truth.
  • Theme #4. Colonization.
  • Theme #5. Exploitation.
  • Theme #6. Racial Discrimination.
  • Theme #7. Alienation and Isolation.
  • Theme #8. Moral Corruption.

Why is Kurtz so important in heart of darkness?

Kurtz is a dangerous man because he gives the lie to the Company’s “humanistic” intentions in the Congo. He returns more ivory than all the other stations put together, and does so through the use of absolute force.

Why Kurtz say the horror the horror?

And now for those famous final words: “The horror! The horror!” (3.43). Marlow interprets this for us, saying that these words are the moment Kurtz realizes exactly how depraved human nature is—that his inability to exert even a shred of self-control is the same darkness in every human heart.

Why did Marlow lie about Kurtz last words?

Key Questions and Answers Marlow lies to Kurtz’s Intended to spare her the painful reality of her fiancé’s descent into madness and evil. Marlow lies that the last word Kurtz uttered was his fiancée’s name because “it would have been too dark” to tell her that Kurtz last spoke of pure and desolate horror.

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What does Kurtz symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Kurtz, one of the leading characters, the other being Marlow, the narrator of the soty, represents many symbols in the novel. Firstly, he symbolizes the greed and the commercial mentality of the white people of the western countries. Secondly, he symbolizes the white man’s love of power.

Why do the natives like Kurtz?

In Heart of Darkness, the natives adore Kurtz and worship him as a demigod partly because of his personal charisma, but also because he has superior European technology which they have never seen before.

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