Often asked: The Good Doctor How Did The President’s Family Die?

What happened to Dr Glassman’s family?

Aaron Glassman’s daughter Maddie died in the emotional rollercoaster episode “Tough Titmouse.” We learned that Maddie died after Glassman refused to let her go to rehab for drug abuse because he thought he could “fix” her himself.

How did Maddie Glassman die?

She killed herself that night from an assumed overdose.

Did Maddie kill herself in the good doctor?

Instead, she passed away that evening, presumably from an overdose. Her death haunts Dr. Glassman till this very day. Aaron later hallucinates his daughter after he’s diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Did Dr Marcus Andrews get fired?

Season 3. In “Disaster,” Andrews has been fired from St. Bonaventure for his actions and is searching for a new job. However, Lim seeks his advice in her new role as Chief of Surgery after struggling with the job.

Why did Melendez die on Good Doctor?

Dr Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) was tragically killed off during the season three finale of the show after he sustained serious injuries in a partial building collapse during an earthquake, dying of septic shock after saying a sad goodbye to Dr Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas).

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Is Dr Glassman dying?

Glassman (Richard Schiff) before dying. And thus ended Gonzalez’s final episode as a series regular on the ABC drama. For showrunner David Shore, Melendez’s tragic fate was decided from the moment the writers chose to injure him in the earthquake that kicked off the finale.

Do Lea and Shaun get together?

She is passionate about cars and video games. She meets Shaun when she knocks at his door and asks for some batteries. She gives Shaun his first kiss in episode 11 and they begin a relationship at the end of season 3. In season 4, they are dating and its mentioned that Lea now runs the hospital’s IT department.

Why was Dr Han fired?

Han (Daniel Dae Kim) fired him for having an emotional breakdown, Shaun skipped his job interview. He went to a bar and was knocked unconscious by a patron. Shaun was the first person to realize the man who hit him had been misdiagnosed and his discovery pushed Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) to rehire Shaun.

Who is Gabi to Dr Melendez?

Gabrielle Melendez, known as Gabby, is the sister of Neil Melendez. Melendez mentions in the first season that he used to provide care for his sister, such as brushing her teeth, combing her hair and feeding her.

Did Dr Glassman adopt Shaun?

Shaun and his brother ran to the nearest ” doctor place” (as Steve called it), where they met Aaron Glassman for the first time. As a result, Shaun hasn’t seen his parents again since he was fourteen. Ultimately, Glassman took Shaun in, and raised him like a son.

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Does Dr Lim survive?

Lim survives the virus and is later visited by Melendez as she recovers. In “Aftermath,” Lim continues to recover from the virus while facing a possible license suspension for tranquilizing a man during the quarantine.

Does Dr Glassman come back as president?

In season 3, after leaving St. Bonaventure following his cancer treatment, Glassman is offered the position of president of the hospital back and ultimately accepts the job.

What happened to the black guy on the good doctor?

In The Good Doctor season 3 finale, Dr. Neil Melendez died from major internal injuries moments after confessing his love to Dr. Claire Browne. Series creator and executive producer David Shore spoke with Deadline about the decision that stunned fans, especially “Melendaire” shippers.

What happened to Dr Han on the good doctor?

Han is fired and replaced by Doctor Audrey Lim as Chief of Surgery while Shaun is rehired.

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