Often asked: What Doctor Is At American Family Care?

Who owns American family?

Birmingham, Alabama-based American Family Care was founded by Bruce Irwin and now serves more than 3 million patients per year. Urgent care has benefited in recent years by a drive by insurers and health providers to cut costs.

Can you go to American family care without insurance?

Without insurance, you ‘ll pay a visit fee between $100-140 at the time of your visit. This is typically 25-50% more than your primary care provider, but usually the convenience is well worth the additional cost.

How many American Family Care franchises are there?

225+ LOCATIONS NATIONWIDE Residents of the communities we serve love knowing that they can rely on our knowledgeable staff when they need urgent, non-emergency care.

Is American Family Care a franchise?

American Family Care is a franchise opportunity like no other! American Family Care is an exciting and profitable business model that’s making a positive impact on the communities where our Urgent Care Centers are located.

Does American Family Care do TB tests?

We are a medical clinic for adults and pediatric urgent care where you are seen by a Doctor every visit. Walk in our Urgent Care for a TB test, STD, UTI, bladder infection tests and treatment, pink eye treatment and strep throat treatment.

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How much is STD testing at AFC urgent care?

We suggest that you consult the price list below and call our urgent care center at 617-923-2273 if you have any further questions. STD Consultation and Testing Prices.

Physician Consultation $90
Chlamydia & Gonnorrhoeae- Swab or Urine $150


How much can you make owning an urgent care?

Combining those figures means that the average urgent care clinic makes an estimated $2.1 million a year.

Is Urgent Care a franchise?

The Urgent Care Franchise Cost As with any lucrative industry, you should be prepared to make an investment and understand exactly what that investment will yield. Our royalty fee (6% of gross sales) is industry standard and our franchise fee is a low $55,000, with a total investment up to $1.5 million.

How much does an AFC franchise cost?

A medical franchise investment with AFC is a great way to break into a thriving industry. The total initial investment is estimated to be between $1,008,000 and $1,441,500, which includes the initial franchise fee of $60,000.

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