Question: How To Explain Brain Death To Family Doctor Interview?

How do you explain brain death to family?

Brain death is the complete and irreversible end to all brain function. It means the brain has stopped working. It is impossible to restore a brain that has died. When a person’s brain dies he or she cannot think, breathe or feel.

How do doctors determine brain death?

The three essential findings in brain death are coma, absence of brain stem reflexes, and apnea. An evaluation for brain death should be considered in patients who have suffered a massive, irreversible brain injury of identifiable cause. A patient properly determined to be brain dead is legally and clinically dead.

What system should be used to help families accept brain death of their loved ones?

The use of visual aids (e.g. cerebral blood flow exam, cerebral angiogram or electroencephalogram) can be helpful to describe the brain injury and death. Visual aids help the family understand what they cannot see, since the patient’s body remains warm and normal in color while maintained on the ventilator.

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How do you declare a patient brain dead?

For a diagnosis of brain death:

  1. a person must be unconscious and fail to respond to outside stimulation.
  2. a person’s heartbeat and breathing can only be maintained using a ventilator.
  3. there must be clear evidence that serious brain damage has occurred and it cannot be cured.

Has anyone woken up from brain death?

However no one can recover from brain death. If the clinician has any doubt as to whether there can be even minimal recovery, brain death is not declared. A determination of brain death means that the patient has died; brain death is irreversible.

Can you come back from no brain activity?

No. The brain will never recover when it dies. Since the patient has already been declared dead, removing the machine (which is artificially pumping air into the lungs) cannot cause further harm or death.

What is the difference between no brain activity and brain dead?

Brain Death is death. No brain function exists. Brain death results from swelling in the brain; blood flow in the brain ceases and without blood to oxygenate the cells, the tissue dies.

Do brain dead patients feel pain?

Does an individual feel any pain or suffer after brain death is declared? No. When someone is dead, there is no feeling of pain or suffering.

Is coughing a sign of brain activity?

The suppression of irritant evoked coughing is also associated with a unique pattern of brain activity, including an involvement of the anterior insula, supplementary motor area, motor cingulate cortex and right inferior frontal gyrus [7, 12].

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Can you talk if you are brain dead?

A person who is brain dead is dead, with no chance of revival. Coma: A state of profound unresponsiveness as a result of severe illness or brain injury. Patients in a coma do not open their eyes or speak, and they do not exhibit purposeful behaviors. Some patients need ventilators while others do not.

Is brain dead an insult?

The brain dead are not. Brain death is a technical term for diagnosing of death, not a synonym for death. Educating the public and the media about brain death is futile.

Can a brain dead person move?

Summary: Many brain – dead patients have spontaneous movements such as jerking of fingers or bending of toes that can be disturbing to family members and health care professionals and even cause them to question the brain -death diagnosis.

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