Quick Answer: Family Doctor Who Accepts Medicaid?

What doctors accept Medicaid in Michigan?

Top 10 Medicaid Provider Specialties in Michigan:

  • Family Doctor (2722 providers)
  • Internist (2506 providers)
  • Pediatrician (Kids / Children Specialist) (1652 providers)
  • Obstetrician / Gynecologist (OBGYN) (995 providers)
  • Emergency Doctor (852 providers)
  • Radiologist (726 providers)
  • Surgeon (695 providers)

Why do doctors not accept Medicaid?

One likely reason fewer doctors accept Medicaid patients is that those claims are paid at a lower rate than other insurance. More providers would be interested in Medicaid if the program’s reimbursements were similar to Medicare payments, according to the report.

What doctors take Florida Medicaid?

Top 10 Medicaid Provider Specialties in Florida:

  • Internist (2908 providers)
  • Family Doctor (2882 providers)
  • Pediatrician (Kids / Children Specialist) (2153 providers)
  • Radiologist (1406 providers)
  • Obstetrician / Gynecologist (OBGYN) (1165 providers)
  • Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) (952 providers)
  • Surgeon (818 providers)

How do I find out if my doctor accepts Medicare?

To find a doctor that accepts Medicare payments, you may want to visit the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Physician Compare. You can search by entering a health care professional’s last name or group practice name, a medical specialty, a medical condition, a body part, or an organ system.

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What does Medicaid priority cover?

Michigan Medicaid health plans through Priority Health Priority Health offers Medicaid, including MIChild, Healthy Michigan Plan and Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) plans for individuals and their families in Michigan.

Which Medicaid health plan is the best in Michigan?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2018-2019 – Summary Report (Medicaid)

Rating Plan Name Consumer Satisfaction
3.5 Molina Healthcare of Michigan 2.5
3.0 Aetna Better Health of Michigan, Inc. 3.0
3.0 Total Health Care, Inc. 2.5
2.0 Harbor Health Plan 2.0

Can doctors turn away Medicaid patients?

When uncovered costs become too great, physicians are ethically justified in refusing to accept Medicaid patients, according to Sade. “If they do accept such patients, however, they are ethically obligated to offer them the same care as they do for all of their patients,” Sade says.

Do doctors lose money on Medicaid patients?

As Medicaid payments to physicians decrease, minority communities are vulnerable. These payments are inadequate. The reimbursements are low for many physicians. Each time a Medicaid patient walks into the exam room, and they are losing money.

Do Medicaid patients get treated differently?

Second, there may be differences in the characteristics of physicians who predominantly serve patients with a certain insurance status. A study of hospitals in Florida has found some evidence that, compared to other patients in the same hospital, uninsured and Medicaid patients are treated by lower-quality physicians.

What is Florida Medicaid Share of Cost?

Your “ share of cost ” is the amount of medical bills that you must have before Medicaid can pay any of your other incurred medical bills for you. Your ” share of cost ” works like a deductible on a health insurance policy.

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What are the requirements to get Medicaid in Florida?

According to the U.S. government, to qualify for Medicaid in Florida you have to:

  • Be older than 64 years of age; or.
  • Be pregnant or have a child 18 or under; or.
  • Be disabled or blind; or.
  • Have a family member (child, spouse or parent) in your household who is blind or disabled[i]

Which Medicaid plan is the best in Florida?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2019-2020 – Summary Report (Medicaid)

Rating Plan Name
3.5 Coventry Health Care of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Aetna Better Health of Florida
3.5 Humana Medical Plan, Inc. ( Florida )
3.5 Molina Healthcare of Florida, Inc. Special Project: Managed Medical Assistance
3.5 Simply Healthcare Plans, Inc.


Why do doctors not like Medicare Advantage plans?

Over the years we’ve heard from many providers that do not like them because, they say, their payments come slower than they do for Original Medicare. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 monthly premiums but may mean more out-of-pocket costs at the doctor.

How does the Medicaid program work?

Created in 1965, Medicaid is a public insurance program that provides health coverage to low-income families and individuals, including children, parents, pregnant women, seniors, and people with disabilities; it is funded jointly by the federal government and the states.

Can I see any doctor with Medicare?

In most cases, yes. You can go to any doctor, health care provider, hospital, or facility that is enrolled in Medicare and accepting new Medicare patients.

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