Quick Answer: Good Family Doctor Who Accepts Anthem Medical Clovis Ca?

How do I find a medical provider for Medi-Cal?

You can use DHCS’ find a provider form to help by following only three simple steps when you search by location:

  1. Select your program: Medi – Cal Managed Care or Cal MediConnect.
  2. Choose a provider type: Doctor, hospital, medical clinic or dentist/dental clinic.
  3. Search by location: Address, zip code or county.

Is Anthem Blue Cross the same as Blue Shield of California?

At Anthem Blue Cross we understand our health connects us to each other. In California Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association.

Is Anthem Blue Cross Medi-cal?

Medi – Cal Managed Care ( Medi – Cal ) Anthem is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. Blue Cross of California is contracted with L.A. Care Health Plan to provide Medi – Cal Managed Care services in Los Angeles County.

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How do I change my doctor on Anthem Blue Cross?

Yes, you can change your PCP at any time. Just log in to your secure account and use our Change PCP tool. (If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to register first. You’ll need your Anthem member ID number.)

Can I go to Kaiser with medical?

Individuals who qualify for Medi-Cal will have no or low monthly premiums, no copays, and no out-of-pocket costs for most covered services. All of our available doctors accept Kaiser Permanente members with Medi-Cal coverage.

Can I go to any doctor with Medi-Cal?

Also called the Medi – Cal card. A woman can go directly to any network provider for women’s health care without a referral from another doctor. You can request that another doctor or specialist see you before you make decisions about your doctor’s plan for your care or surgery.

What is the most affordable health insurance in California?

Best cheap health insurance companies in California

  • Kaiser Permanente.
  • Blue Shield.
  • Health Net.
  • Molina Healthcare.
  • SHARP Health Plan.
  • Anthem Blue Cross.
  • Western Health Advantage.
  • Oscar Health Plan.

Is Anthem Blue Cross PPO or HMO?

Anthem Blue Cross PPO is the first and continues to be the only PPO in California to have earned a Full Accreditation from the NCQA5. Full Accreditation is the highest level obtainable for a PPO.

What is the best PPO in California?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2015-2016 – Summary Report (Private)

Rating Plan Name Type
3.5 Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance PPO
3.5 Blue Shield of California HMO/POS
3.5 Cigna Health and Life Insurance PPO
3.5 Cigna HealthCare of California HMO/POS
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Is Medi-cal HMO or PPO?

Public Programs Public supported health care coverage programs include: Medi – Cal is health insurance for people with low incomes. Most peoples with Medi – Cal have Managed Care plans, which are like HMOs. You can apply for Medi – Cal through the BenefitsCal website.

Does Anthem Blue Cross medical cover dental?

Find affordable dental insurance plans that are easy to smile about with Anthem. Our plans cover preventive care like regular cleanings, exams and X-rays, and also procedures like fillings, crowns, and root canals.

What does medical Anthem Blue Cross cover?

Primary care doctor visits. Immunizations and wellness visits. Specialist visits. Mental health and substance use disorder services.

How do I find doctors in my network Anthem Blue Cross?

Call Member Services at 1-855-817-5785 (TTY: 711) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to ask us to mail you a directory. You can order by phone whether or not you’re already a member. If you are already a member, you can email us to ask for a printed directory.

What is Anthem MediBlue?

Anthem MediBlue Select (HMO)and Anthem MediBlue Plus (HMO)are Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans, which includes hospital, medical and prescription drug benefits in one plan. You can find a doctor in the network online — visit www. anthem.com/ca/shop and choose Find a Doctor.

What is Anthem Blue Cross Select?

With our Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO, you can choose from an array of efficient providers and hospital groups — a select network. By choosing this select network, you can save on your monthly premium. 1 Maximum of 20 visits per calendar year for combined Acupuncture/Chiropractic when provided by a plan partner.

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