Quick Answer: Should I Put Down Family Member Who Is Doctor Aacomas?

Can you shadow a family member?

Shadowing family members is not a problem. The problem is in getting a letter of recommendation from the physician you ‘re shadowing. It’s perfectly fine to shadow a brother but if you really want a strong letter of recommendation from a physician, have your brother help you find somebody else to shadow.

Does Aacomas contact supervisors?

In the past, AACOMAS does not require supervisor contact information. Regardless, it is highly unlikely that schools would contact supervisors to verify.

Can you hold multiple acceptances Medical School Aacomas?

You may continue to hold multiple acceptances and/or remain on alternate/waitlists, and continue to interview. If you indicate Plan to Enroll for a school and you are subsequently accepted at another school you would prefer, you can change your selection.

Can I submit my Aacomas application without letters of recommendation?

You may submit your application at any time once the required information has been completed on the application, regardless as to whether or not your transcripts and letters of reference have been received by AACOMAS.

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Does online shadowing count?

Our answer: a tentative “yes.” Traditionally, there have been VERY few virtual clinical and shadowing experiences, so medical schools will have to individually decide whether they will accept this replacement, which clearly isn’t as formative as an in-person experience.

How many hours of shadowing do you need for med school?

It’s generally expected that premed students have a minimum of 40 hours of shadowing. However, students often have up to 100 hours of clinical shadowing, in addition to other types of experience.

Do medical schools actually contact references?

Do Med Schools Check References? Because med school admissions teams are usually so busy, they probably check references far less than applicants expect. Some schools make it a thing to check all references of applicants at the post-interview stage. Sometimes they’ll tell you this in advance.

Can you put future hours on Aacomas?

Do not include future experiences. If you haven’t started an activity yet, you should not include it in the AACOMAS experiences section. Hypotheticals, theoreticals and “not yets” aren’t experience.

How many experiences can you add on Aacomas?

Unliked AMCAS, the AACOMAS application has no limit on the number of experiences and achievements you can list on your application (compared to the 15 work & activities on AMCAS).

Do medical schools know where you have been accepted?

Medical schools will know which applicants selected their school but will not see the name of any other medical school selected by an applicant. The way I understood it, the schools can see if you commit to their school or not but can ‘t see where else/if you ‘ ve been accepted.

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How long do you have to accept med school offer?

Once a med school gives you an official acceptance offer, you generally have two weeks to respond. If you decide you want to secure a spot at that school, you ‘ll need to pay a certain amount—typically between $500 to $1,500—to do so.

How many med schools can you accept?

You may hold acceptances at multiple schools until May 15. After May 15, you may hold an acceptance at only one school. Deposits to hold a place in the class are typically $100 and are usually refundable until a certain date (often May 15).

Can I add programs after submitting Aacomas?

From the time you submit until your application is verified, you cannot make changes to your colleges, degrees, and coursework. Once your application is verified, you can: Add new colleges and degrees.

Can you submit Aacomas without MCAT?

Colleges of medicine require official scores from the Medical College Admissions Test ( MCAT ). You must contact AAMC to have your official MCAT scores released to AACOMAS. MCAT scores are not released to AACOMAS automatically. as a recipient of your scores to ensure that your scores will be transmitted to AACOMAS.

How long does it take for Aacomas to verify your application?

Check with each program for more details. Once your application enters this status, it takes two weeks (on average) to move to the Verified status.

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