Quick Answer: Watch Free Full Episode Of Dr. Phil The Family Of The Doctor Who Murdered His Wife For A Mistress?

What happened to Michelle mcneal?

Defense lawyers said that Michele MacNeill died of heart problems, which caused her to fall into the bathtub, and that Martin MacNeill was not guilty. The coroner’s report initially ruled Michele MacNeill died of natural causes. In November 2013, Martin MacNeill was convicted of murder and obstruction of justice.

What is the name of Dr Phil’s crime podcast?

Phil’s new crime podcast series called “Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil” where he takes an in-depth look at true crime cases, mysteries and provides his psychoanalysis.

What podcasts does Dr Phil have?

Dr. Phil McGraw launched his own podcast Phil In The Blanks in January and under his alliance with Stitcher he is developing a slate of shows that will debut throughout the year. The next show has just been announced. Analysis of Murder, a true-crime podcast, will debut April 25.

How did Dr Martin MacNeill die?

Martin MacNeill was convicted of Michele’s murder and obstruction of justice in a widely publicized case involving marital infidelity, sexual abuse, and outward religious devotion. Martin MacNeill was sentenced to 17 years to life. He committed suicide in prison in April 2017.

Is Gypsy Willis a nurse?

Unlike other infamous mistresses, Gypsy grew up in a conservative Mormon family. She was the eldest of four children, studied nursing, and has had a fought relationship with her parents since she became pregnant before she was married—in many ways, she sounds like the victim of a conservative family.

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What happened to Martin MacNeill’s children?

Martin MacNeill died by suicide in prison. Alexis became a doctor and took her mother’s maiden name, Somers. She also adopted her little sisters and has children of her own. Doug Whitney, who came out of retirement to investigate martin Macneill, is now happily back, tending the farm, so to speak.

How much does Dr Phil make?

He reportedly earns between $60 and $90 million annually, a huge chunk of which comes from his own Dr. Phil show.

Are podcasts for free?

Android users, you’ve also got a free built-in podcast app. It does everything that Apple Podcasts does, so you can start listening in seconds and subscribe to keep it up.

What are the best free podcast apps?

Cross-Platform Podcast Apps

  • RadioPublic. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Player FM. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Pocket Casts. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Castbox. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Podbean. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Stitcher. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Laughable. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • TuneIn Radio.

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