Readers ask: As Doctor Manette Changes, How Do The Relationships With His Family And Associates Change?

What change has occurred within Dr Manette?

A change that has occurred within Dr. Manette is that he has become stronger again. He is like how he was before his imprisonment.

How does Dr Manette plan to help his son in law?

His plan is to switch places with Darnay. This has been foreshadowed in three ways: Carton’s similar looks to Darnay saved Darnay from death before (the English trial), the promise he made to Lucie, and the fact that Barsad’s job is to smuggle Carton into Darnay’s cell.

What was the association between Darnay and Dr Manette?

Manette despises the Evrémonde family, and Darnay, an Evrémonde, becomes Manette’s son-in-law. D. Dr. Manette helps to free Darnay from prison, unaware that Darnay is heir to the Marquis’s estate.

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What does Dr Manette mean when he says that for his daughter to have no knowledge or memory of him would be worse than being dead?

Manette mean when he says that for his daughter to have no knowledge or memory of him would be worse than being dead? Dr. Manette means that if Lucie did not remember him, it would be like he never existed.

How does Lucie arrange to be seen by Charles?

Manette arrange for Lucie and Charles? He arranges for Lucie to stand on a spot where Charles can see her from his prison window. Where is the coincidental location of this spot? It is right outside the shop of the wood sawyer, who used to be the mender of roads.

Why is Darnay acquitted?

First of all, Carton gets Darnay acquitted because witnesses cannot tell the two men apart. Second of all, both men are in love with Lucie Manette, but Carton uses this to switch places with Darnay before he is executed.

What does Monsieur Defarge say is the reason Madame Defarge must see Lucie and her child?

According to Defarge, she is there to “protect the people”- to be able to recognize their faces for their safety. However, the truth is that she just wants to see Lucie and her child so she could plan to sentence them to death. he expresses his love for Lucie and his father.

What is Charles Darnay’s real last name?

Charles Darnay’s secret is that his real name is Charles St. Evremonde and he is the heir to the title of Marquis St. Evremonde, the man who put Dr.

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What does Defarge hope for Dr Manette’s family?

After Barsad leaves, Defarge remarks that he hopes destiny keeps Lucie and Darnay from France. Just as Doctor Alexandre Manette finds new life in his daughter, Defarge hopes to find a new life for himself and his country through the revolution.

What does Charles Darnay confess to Dr Manette?

He visits Doctor Manette and admits his love for Lucie. Wanting to be worthy of his confidence, Darnay attempts to tell Manette his real name, confessing that it is not Darnay. Manette stops him short, making him promise to reveal his name only if he proves successful in his courtship.

Why does Dr Manette not like Darnay?

When Doctor Manette gets a look at Charles Darnay after the latter’s trial, he reacts with an instinctive fear: His face had become frozen, as it were, in a very curious look at Darnay: an intent look, deepening into a frown of dislike and distrust, not even unmixed with fear.

Who did Lucie Manette decide to marry?

Darnay and Lucie are married and depart for their honeymoon. Almost immediately, a change comes over Manette; he now looks scared and lost. Later that day, Miss Pross and Mr. Lorry discover Manette at his shoemaker’s bench, lapsed into an incoherent state.

Why does Mr stryver want to marry Lucie?

Stryver is a conceited man who wants to marry Lucie to please himself. He says that he is well off, a man of distinction, and a piece of good fortune for her. He thinks she will be a good wife because she will “always do me credit.” (Pg.

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Why does carton say he is grateful that Lucie does not love or want to marry him?

Why does Carton say that he is grateful that Lucie does not love or want to marry him? He wants her to know about his love but to keep his declaration a secret. He wants to remember that at least he is capable of telling her how he feels even if he is not capable of changing himself for the better.

What is the effect of personifying hunger?

Hunger and Saint Antoine: Dickens personifies Hunger and Saint Antoine in a way that unifies the French peasantry into a single body—an uncontrollable mass acting (often irrationally) on paranoia, resentment, and enthusiasm for the public spectacle of execution.

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